About Lib Dems Abroad

Launched in September 2018, Lib Dems Abroad encompasses some 1800 Liberal Democrat members living outside the UK.

It currently comprises of three local parties:

Lib Dems Abroad is a subcommittee of the party's Federal International Relations Committee.

The objectives of Lib Dems Abroad are:

  • To identify and represent the interests of an estimated 5.5 million British citizens living abroad, around 8% of all British citizens.
  • To grow the organisation by recruiting and supportingour members.
  • To fight for Votes for Life, encouraging voter registration with the longer-term aim of establishing overseas constituencies representing the interests of British community abroad.
  • To supportliberal and democratic organisationsand parties within our communities.
  • To fight against Brexit.

Exactly who can vote?

British citizens who live abroad and were last on a UK electoral register not more than 15 years ago can vote in elections. If you are abroad but not on the electoral register, you'll need to contact the local council for the area you last lived in the UK.

People who were under the age of 18 when their parents moved abroad can also vote once they reach 18 - for up to 15 years from the time when their parents were last registered in the UK.

The Liberal Democrats support all Brits abroad over 18 years of age having the vote and for the general voting age to be extended to 16-17 year olds as well. The current government intends to legislate for all 18 year olds and above abroad to have "Votes for Life".

How do I join the Party?

Liberal Democrats supporters living abroad can join the party by clicking the general registration site: https://libdems.secure.force.com/LiberalDemocrats/NewMemberRegistration. You will then be allocated the appropriate local party abroad based on your address. The local party will then contact you to introduce their activities.We warmly welcome you!


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